The Tapestry of The Dance
Tape: C1010 CD: CD1010
Tapestry of the Dance is rich in near-eastern heritage and experience and designed for the oriental or folk dance enthusiast or just for your listening pleasure. Featuring John on Vocals & Oud, Ishmael on Kanun, and Var Daghdevirian on Dumbeg and vocals. This album captures the flavor of Armenia, Greece, Arabia, Turkey and Persia with each selection. There is a belly dance routine for the dancer and several folk melodies for the line dancer.
   1 Belly Dance Routine clip
   2 Mustafa clip
   3 Medley Oud & Kanun Solos, Çifte Telli clip
   4 Yah Gameel Yah Gameel clip
   5 O Salonikos clip
   6 Gole Sangam clip
   7 Lawrence of Arabia clip
   8 Arabaya Tash Koydum clip
   9 Mariam Tee clip
  10 Nihavent Longa clip
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