Moonlight Sonata
CD: CD201 Tape: C201
The selections for Moonlight Sonata were a compilation of two separate record albums recorded in 1978. One was The Art of the Oud and the second was The Neo-Classical Oud. In 1988 these two albums were made into a CD called Moonlight Sonata at Discovery Records. We at Dantz Records are releasing this CD in 2002. I am gratefully indebted to the late Albert Marx and to Dennis Smith, my manager, for seeing the potential for making these albums in 1978. Over the years, it has become an example of my classical interpretations for the Oud. My intent was to display the range and versatility of the instrument by way of my transcriptions of classical pieces and original material written by me. Traditionally the oud is played with a single-line melody absent of chords and harmony. I was not content with that style of performing on the Oud, and at a very early age, created my own style. Today, this style has been universally discovered by Oud players everywhere. It is not unusual for even the untrained artist to ignore the traditional taboo’s and introduce harmony, chord and counterpoint into their performance. The Oud is an ancient stringed instrument that originated in Persia some 2500 years ago. It is played with an eagle’s feather quill and has a fretless fingerboard. The Oud is the predecessor of the lute and the guitar.
  1 Sonata #14 in C# Minor Opus 27, No.2 clip
  2 Ave Maria clip
  3 La Fille Aux Cheveux De Lin clip
  4 La Minuet clip
  5 Malagueña clip
  6 Eastern Fantasy clip
  7 Armenian Dance clip
  8 Adagio from Concierto de Aranjuez clip
  9 Taksim Opus 10 clip
  10 Prelude clip
  11 Ansial clip
12 Rondo for Oud clip
13 Taksim Opus 20 clip
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