Dantz Fever
Tape: C61001 CD: CD61001
This is the ultimate Armenian Dance album by the Bilezikjians; “We have always wanted to produce an Armenian Dance album together since we were young”, this is the first professional recording for John & George Bilezikjian. Produced in 1982 this album introduces a new generation of Bilezikjian brothers who at the age of 10 and 12 years of age are now performing along with their father John and uncle Edward. This album was done with fond memories of Michael Tolegian.
  1 Gneega clip
  2 Candle Dance clip
  3 Tini Mini Hanim clip
  4 Misirlou clip
  5 Siroon Agchig-Parov Yegar clip
  6 Tamara Medley clip
  7 Daldala clip
  8 Ee Varka Mas (Syrto) clip
  9 Loorke Loorke clip
  10 Agar Magar clip
  11 Tamzara clip
12 Govand clip
13 Pompouri clip
14 Mia Yahnekka Pou Agapo clip
15 Antranig clip
16 Im Serdi Yares Medley clip
17 Sepastia Bar clip
18 Nina Nai Nai clip
19 Shalakho-Gindaouri Bar-Lezkinga clip
20 Oud Halay clip
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