Music From The Armenian Diaspora
CD: CD809 Tape: C809
Recorded in the summer of 1993, it is a compilation of folk music from the various Armenian Diaspora’s. Folk Music of the people as arranged for two Ouds in John’s flamenco like style. This album gives the listener historical background on many of the pieces presented for your enjoyment. John has quite an extensive music and lyric library from which to choose from and there are 18 songs and dances from various villages of historic Armenia represented. Some of these pieces are of Greek and Assyrian origin. The sound which was so familiar to our grandparents at the turn of the 20th Century is the underlying theme for this album. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our offering, the music of John Bilezikjian.
  1 Zepuri Neman clip
  2 Armenian Medley in 10/8 clip
  3 Laz Havasi clip
  4 Oy Nazeh clip
  5 Tamzara clip
  6 Kessab Bar clip
  7 Karsi Bar clip
  8 Kher Pan clip
  9 Tamara clip
  10 Medax Tashkinag clip
  11 Sevana Zgnorsnerou Bar clip
12 Sheikhani clip
13 Djo Djan clip
14 Siroon Aghchig clip
15 Halay clip
16 Oror clip
17 Daldala/Satchme clip
18 Hassapo Serviko clip
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