Dream of Scheherazade
CD: CD81001 Tape: C81001
Recorded in 1975, Dream of Scheherazade” is a classic recording of Belly Dance. The 4 complete Belly Dance routines include both dance and listening style selections. The routines were designed, arranged, and selected by John Bilezikjian especially for this album and it’s presentation. Special interest is given to the first dance routine entitled, “Antonia’s Delight” The name Antonia was used because it is the name of one of John’s most celebrated dance artists and choreographer of La Danse Orientale in the Southern California area. The music for “Antonia’s Delight” was entirely recorded by John, who played all of the instruments.
  1 Antonia's Delight clip1 clip2 clip3
  2 Jemilleh's Joy clip1 clip2 clip3 clip4 clip5 clip6 clip7
  3 Dream of Scheherazade clip1 clip2 clip3 clip4 clip5 clip6
  4 The Wish of Alexandria clip1 clip2 clip3 clip4 clip5 clip6
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