Ecstasy in Belly Dancing - Vol. 2
Music for the Consummate Belly Dance Artiste
CD: Atlantis
Atlantis features primarily the compositions of Tonya Chianis with the exception of Black Eyes which was written for Tonya by John Bilezikjian in 1969 and Geozlerinden Bellidir, a traditional Turkish song.
John orchestrated Tonya's songs for this presentation using Greg Hosharian on Keyboards and George Bilezikjian on Percussion. It is the latest in John's series of innovative Belly Dancing music. One selection, "Atlantis", is presented twice, once as an instrumental piece for veil work and the second time sung by Tonya and John together as a duet.

Routines pour l’ Artiste
  1 Overture—Taksim clip
  Soul of Egypta—Beledy 4/4
  Beledia Beledy—Beledy 4/4
  Drum Solo
  Soul of Egypta—Rhumba 4/4
  2 Black Eyes—Ayub 2/4 clip
  Atlantis—Bolero 4/4
  Pearls of Passion—Armenian 6/8
Lokoumi (Turkish Candy)—Karshilama 9/8
Drum Solo
Black Eyes—Finale Ayub 2/4
3 Geozlerinden Bellidir—Traditional 4/4 clip
Bolero Mia-—Tango/Samba
Drum Solo
Geozlerinden Bellidir—Finale Rock

4 Atlantis Vocal (Tonya and John) 2:32 clip
5 Soul of Egypta Suite 2/4, 6/8, 9/8 clip
CD $20

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