Soundboard TV (1983)

John Bilezikjian is presented on the Soundboard TV DVD production performing on the Oud. The DVD is an interview that was filmed in 1983. The DVD shows John's mastery on the Oud.

The selections are Western Classical pieces as well as Spanish Classical, improvisational pieces and Arabic Classical music. Three bonus selections have also been added to this DVD.
The interview was hosted by famed Classical guitarist John Schneider.

It was produced by Sal Guitarez and John Schneider and is titled, "Music and Guests from the Guitar Family"

  1 Intro - Greensleeves (Traditional)
John Schneider - Guitar / John Bilezikjian - Oud
  2 Interview
  3 Sultani Yegah Sirto
  4 Interview part 2
  5 Malaguena (Ernesto Lecouna)
  6 Taksim
  7 Fantasy (Bilezikjian)
  8 Adagio (Joaquin Rodrigo)
  9 Badinerie (J.S. Bach)
  10 Azizza (Abdul w Hab)
DVD $25

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