John Bilezikjian - Entertainer, Musician, Singer & Composer

World Renowned Oudist & Composer

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John Bilezikjian is "America's Oud Virtuoso". Mr. Bilezikjian may be the most prominent Oudist of his generation. He is a master Oudist who has elevated this instrument to the concert stage as well as continues to perform as a folk musician. He has performed for some 56 years on this ancient eleven stringed Persian fretless instrument dating back some 2,000 years. The Oud is performed with an eagle's quill.

Mr. Bilezikjian has given command performances for the King and Queen of Spain and for Mrs. Anwar Sadat of Egypt to name only a few. He has filmed and recorded background music for over 82 TV and Motion Picture Film Soundtracks in Hollywood, California.

John has his own record company, Dantz Records in Laguna Hills, California and has made over 25 CD's that are available on his web site.

John Bilezikjian
Oud soloist with Symphony Orchestras

Mr. Bilezikjian has appeared with The Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of Maestro Zubin Mehta as well as The Los Angeles Mandolin Orchestra and The Pacific Palisades Symphony with Maestro Joel Lish conducting. He debuted in June of 2005 at Symphony Hall in Boston with the venerable Boston Pops Orchestra as featured soloist, marking the first time the Oud was heard in a solo capacity with the Boston Pops Orchestra on it's stage. John Bilezikjian has also appeared as a Bouzouki soloist with The Pasadena Pops Orchestra, Rachael Worby conducting. Mr. Bilezikjian's music can be heard on countless documentaries and HBO trailers as well and in the Warner Bros. movie "Must Love Dogs" and "Mirror Wars", a film about Russian espionage and America.

John's recordings and instruments are available for sale. There are music clips from many of his recordings available on this web site.

John Bilezikjian performing on the Oud is presented on the Soundboard TV DVD production.