Armenian Folk Songs & Dance
Armenian Connection
Armenian and Greek dance music

CD: CD71001 Tape: C71001

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Dantz Fever
Armenian and Greek folk dance music

CD: CD61001 Tape: C61001

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All-Time Armenian Favourites
A collection of timeless Armenian songs for dancing or listening.

CD: HMC1371

CD $20

Music From The Armenian Diaspora
Armenian folk music with 2 ouds

CD: CD809 Tape: C809

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Oasis Middle Eastern Ensemble
Armenian and Greek dance music

CD: CD41001

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Yeraz – To Armenia With Love
Selected classical & folk songs featuring Helen & John Bilezikjian

CD: CD1002A Tape: C1002A

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Belly Dance Music
Atlantis - Ecstasy in Belly Dancing - Vol. 2
Music for the Consummate Belly Dance Artiste.

CD: Atlantis

CD $20

Middle-Eastern Soul
Belly dancing music with Aziz Khadra and Tony Ayad.

CD: CD11001

CD $20

Dream of Scheherazade
Turkish belly dance with John Bilezikjian and Louis Sayegh

CD: CD81001 Tape: C81001

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Ecstasy in Belly Dancing
Armenian, Greek, Turkish, Arabic and Persian music featuring John with Andy Chianis Orchestra

CD: CD21001 Tape: C21001

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La Danse Orientale
Arabic belly dance featuring John Bilezikjian with Aziz Khadra

CD: CD51001 Tape: C51001

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The Magic of John Bilezikjian

CD: CD1008A Tape: C1008A

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One Thousand And One Nights
Arabic belly dancing, Turkish classical featuring John Bilezikjian with Tony Ayad

CD: CD91001 Tape: C91001

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Persian and Turkish belly dance John Bilezikjian and Var Daghdevirian

CD: CD31001 Tape: C31001

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The Tapestry of The Dance
Greek, Armenian, Turkish, Arabic Belly Dance featuring John Bilezikjian and Var Daghdevirian

CD: CD1010 Tape: C1010

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Classical and Seasonal
America's Oud Virtuoso
Live, in concert at the Wilshire Ebell Theater featuring John Bilezikjian with his orchestra

CD: CD100A Tape: C100A

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Merry Christmas
Original and Traditional Christmas music

CD: CD10012 Tape: C10012 Record: ST10012

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Moonlight Sonata
Classical and original instrumental pieces. The Moonlight Sonata CD contains the music from 2 prior cassettes:
a. The Art of the Oud (see above for cassette version)
b. The Neo-Classical Oud (see below for cassette version)

CD: CD201

CD $20

John Bilezikjian Signature Items
Sephardic Music
Canto Antiquo Music of The Sephardim
Music of the Jews who have Turkish, Spanish, Hebrew backgrounds and performed on ancient instruments

CD: CD002 Tape: C002

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Kantigas de Mi Chikes (Songs of my Childhood)
Featuring Bonita Nahoum Jaros and John Bilezikjian in a double CD or double Cassette collection of Ladino songs of the Jews from Spain over 500 years ago. Includes a 32 page booklet.

CDs: SeCD101 Tapes: SeC101

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Sephardic Songs of Love And Hope
Ladino Romance and sacred songs of the Sephardim, with oud
and guitar and featuring Judy Frankel & John Bilezikjian

CD: CD157 or Tape: C157

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Silver & Gold (Plata Y Oro)
Folk music of the Sephardic people - Jewish, Medieval, & Spanish - Judy Frankel & John Bilezikjian

CD or Tape

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Soundtrack for the award winning movie "Pomegranate" composed and performed by John Bilezikjian features the Oud as the main instrument.

CD: Pomegranate

CD $20

Soundboard TV
Soundboard TV
John Bilezikjian is presented on the Soundboard TV DVD production performing on the Oud. The DVD is an interview that was filmed in 1983. The DVD shows John's mastery on the Oud.

DVD: Soundboard TV

DVD $25

Pomegranate DVD
Pomegranate is a beautiful story that unfolds with two male cousins, one who is a director in Los Angeles, the other who is a priest in Beirut. Original music by John Bilezikjian.

DVD: Pomegranate

DVD $25

Pomegranate DVD
Voices From The Lake
A film about the secret Armenian genocide. Original music composed and performed by John Bilezikjian.

DVD: Voices From The Lake

DVD $35


Oud Method (Book and CD)
by John Bilezikjian
40 page Book and CD Package

John Bilezikjian, "America's Oud Virtuoso" has written an Oud Method book for the Hal Leonard Corporation of America. It is the first book of it's kind to be written on this instrument, published and released to the public. The Hal Leonard Corporation is the largest music company in the world that publishes music course study books, having hundreds of titles in their catalog.

The Oud Method Book is a beginning course study for the Oud that helps a student to learn this ancient musical stringed instrument. It is intended to be a study guide to learn this instrument along with an instructor as well. The book is written in traditional Western music notation and also contains a history of the instrument from Mr. Bilezikjian's research library. The study contains developmental exercises, scales and course work necessary to learn technique on the Oud.

The CD is made so that a student can play along with an instructor or by panning a track to one side, can play along with the other pre-recorded track to help make it easier to learn the more difficult lessons. There is also a chapter included on Armenian and Middle-Eastern rhythms with examples performed on the Dumbeg by Mr. Bilezikjian

The last piece in the book is an original composition originally written in the early 1970's by the composer and dedicated to the Legendary Master Oudist, George Mgrdichian, one of John's mentors. The composition is called "Bagatelle" and is written as an Oud duet.

The book covers: types of ouds, tuning the oud, playing position, how to string the oud, music notation, scales, chords, arpeggios, tremolo technique, studies and exercises, songs and rhythms from Armenia and the Middle East, and a CD with 25 tracks for demonstration and play along.

Book and CD $25
plus $5 shipping and handling

I Love the Magic of the Dance
Available in White only. Round Neck. "John Bilezikjian" on front pocket. Tank top available.
All Sizes: $15 US

Oud T-Shirt
Available in Black only. Men's Round Neck. John Bilezikjian on front pocket

All Sizes: $15 US

Folk Dance Connection
Available in Red, Blue, Black and Brown. Men's Round Neck or Women's V-Neck. No pocket

All Sizes: $15 US

Musical Instruments & Accessories
Please feel free to inquire about other specialty items you may need.

John Bilezikjian
Purveyor of fine Ouds and Other Instruments
John is a source for a variety of custom musical instruments. This is a partial list:


Please call for pricing

Also available:
Turkish Oud Strings — $25.00 a set (11 strings)
Arabic Oud Strings — $30.00 a set (11 strings)
Oud picks
(Turkish-Mzrap/Arabic-Resha): $10

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